As we reach 48 hours past the Orlando Shootings a couple questions are raised.  One what would cause a man to commit such a horrendous crime, two was Donald Trump actually right that we need to put a ban on Muslims, and three could this be a gateway straight to the Presidency for Donald Trump.  Trump has been known for his words as they tend to not be on the politically correct side and while many of us cannot tell what his plan for America is we do know he wants to “build a wall” and put a temporary ban on Muslims coming into the country.  Now when he first mention the ban on Muslims everyone was like what?, because not all Muslims are bad.  But try telling Donald Trump and his supporters that and you will surly be talking to a brick wall.  Currently the country seems to be leaning more towards stronger background checks than banning.  However could the Orlando Shooting change that.  Donald Trump states radicals are coming into the country to kill us and while he is right there are some radicals in America who want us dead over half the country didn’t see it as an immediate threat.  These shootings however could potentially change all that.  With the media running the Orlando shootings 24/7 supporters and even non supporters of Trump are watching the news in astonishment.  With Trump supporters going “see we told you” and non Trump supporters going “he was right.”  And with this we could see a change in votes from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump due to his hard stance of Radical Muslims.  While this is likely not going to really be a major change in the election right now it could be later down the line.  As we know there is no such thing as peace times there is always someone out there planning another attack one that could be bigger.  And if it happens you can be sure Donald Trump will be ready to talk about it.  Another issue that faces after these shootings is Donald Trumps words.  I have a friend, whose name I will not state in this blog [post, who tells me that Isis shows videos of Trump to Muslims over there and say “Hey this is what American thinks of you.”  And if this be the case Trumps words could have an affect of things after these shootings.  We can only see what happens as the next few days and weeks go by as to tell if Trump gains supporters or if anything else will come to light after these Orlando Shootings.