Does God exist is a troubling question that has been around for centenaries.  While for most of the world the answers is yes he does exist. There are  an outstanding number of people who are starting to say no or that they don’t know.  I do not believe in God, yet I cannot say there isn’t one since I was brought up in a Christian environment.  I am an Agnostic Atheist, a person who holds the view that the existence of a deity cannot be proven or disproved. I tend to lean toward the idea of there not being a God.

I grew up in a Christian environment with my mother and father being religious.  My mother and father had been divorced but still kept me in church. During the weekends when my father had me or during the time I was with my mother you could possible find me in church.  As a child I didn’t enjoy church because I was a child who wanted to play and have fun not just sit down and not do anything.  But still I was there and had to listen. While listening to our Pastor preach I had some questions about God.  Why would God event sin if he hates it or why does he allow children to starve? The best answer they could give me were “never question god” or “he does things for a reason.”   While as a child that was acceptable to me until I grew up and actually started paying attention. I remember it like it was yesterday my friend Josh and I were in our 9th grade class playing a game. He said something about God and I looked at him and said “I don’t believe in God.”  Those words stayed with me throughout that school year and on to the next as I did countless research to back up what I said.   Once I hit 11th grade I was sure of my belief that God did not exist. As I said though I grew up in an Christian environment so the idea that a God could exist was still there.  From then on my ideas were set and I have kept with them.

As I was growing up the idea of a God could have been with me but there was little to no proof for me to hang on.   A big problem that non-believers have is that there is no proof or believers aren’t able to explain it.  Like I have said the usual answers for my questions about God were “never question God” or “he does everything for a reason.” As I grew up those answers for no longer acceptable for me.  I have talked to Pastors and other Christians and whenever I asked a question or for proof they always refereed me to the Bible. Saying that was all the proof I need. I see that as a sign of a lack of knowledge for the question or pure laziness by telling me a book has all the answers I need.

Another thing that bothers me about religion is how if you don’t believe in what they believe in then you are wrong.  Saying “oh your going to hell if you don’t believe.”  Well who is to say that your religion is the correct one. If all you have for proof is a book that has stories in it then you have no argument.

To me right now the belief of a God or Gods is just a reason for people who can’t explain the unknown.  Now don’t get me wrong believing in a God can be a good thing at time.  It gives people hope for a better life and morals.

So as I have said I do not believe in a God but I cannot say there is not one.  Without the proper proof then I will stay this way, but the path or religion and belief is one that I must travel.  And bombarding me with Bible verses or church or whatever the case it wont change me.  This is something that I must experience for myself.





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