The NBA Finals are here and they look much like last years.  The Golden State Warriors are dominating the Cavaliers and this time Lebron James has all the pieces to his team.  With a  3-1 lead over the Cavs as Golden State goes home to potentially win the NBA Finals something happens, Draymond Green gets suspended due to picking up his fourth flagrant foul against Lebron James in Game 4.  Green was not allowed to play in Game 5 and it cost the Warriors big.  Kyrie Irving and Lebron James both had 41 points in their 112-97 victory over Golden State.  The big thing however was Lebron James dominance in the hole and his jump shot from anywhere on the court.

Normally Draymond is in the hole causing a disturbance not allowing Lebron to attack as he would like but without the presence of Green, Lebron James was free to do as he liked, especially with Andrew Bogut being hurt.  Now this comes as no surprise but whenever something happens there are always people out there who say something isn’t right or there is cheating among us.  While most people laugh it off some of it actually makes sense.  Think about it the mighty King James is down 3-1 in the Finals, The NBA was hoping for a game 7 so it was able to run a lot of commercials and get money, and the Finals aren’t that impressive as last years.  So what do you do to fix this problem, easy you suspended the guy that keeping Lebron James from being Lebron James.  That guy being Draymond Green.  By suspending Green you have just disrupted the Golden State balance of the Cavs.  One Kevin Love doesn’t have to try and fit fitted into the 5 spot and play against Draymond Green, two the defense of Lebron James is now weaker allowing him to attack the hole more and be more versatile with his shot, three Steve Kerr must somehow work his bench around the missing Green, and four how to make Andre Iguodala as effective as Green when having to guard Lebron harder now than he has had to in the first four games.  Golden State was unable to do so causing the loss yesterday to the Cavs.

As stated a lot of people are saying the only reason Draymond Green was suspended was for the series to be prolonged.  A big named person saying this is former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy, a former NBA Ref who left due to him being caught betting on games, he claims if the Warriors were down in the series and Draymond Green hit Lebron like he did in Game 4 nothing would have happened. Former NBA star and now announcer Reggie Miller says if the series was tied Green would not have been suspended.  So the questions are was Draymond Green wrongfully suspended, would he have been suspended if Golden State were down in the series or the series were tied, and how will the Game 5 lost impact Game 6 in Cleveland?  We can argue all we want about the first two questions but the last one we will just have to wait and see Thursday.