For most High School seniors this coming fall will be their first year in college and probably away from home with a a lot of freedom.  Now I know what you are thinking, “man no parents, parties all night, girls or guys, anything I want to do”, and while that all seems fun there are other things you need to worry about as well.  So here are my tips on having a great first year in college and being able to carry that to the next year.


Firstly for a good freshman year you need to manage your time wisely. I cannot stress this enough as my freshman year I started off managing it badly and it cost me in the first semester.  I also had friends who got put on academic probation for having poor time management skills which attributed to them doing bad in classes.  So first you need to set aside a period of time just dedicated for studying, rather it be right after classes are over or later that day.  Either way studying is most important as it will decide how you actually do in your classes.  Me personally once I got out of class which was around lunch time, I ate came back to my dorm and studied and did my homework so I had the rest of the day to relax or hang out with friends.  Second is set a time for other activities such as hanging out with friends.  This should be something like 3 to 8 or whatever your preferences are.  Doing this will ensure you get enough social time but also have enough time to do other things in case your forget, lets say for insistence STUDYING.I know most people wont actually stick with it but if you try it and continue to do it you will see it start to sink in.  Third and lastly your sleeping time is very important as it can also determine how you do in classes.  Make sure you get the right amount of sleep at night please please please do because I can begin to tell you how many times I have fell asleep in an important class and woke up later like “what”, so make sure you get good sleep.  A good way of doing this is to set a bed time, YEA SET A FREAKING BED TIME LIKE YOUR PARENTS DID FOR YOU AS A CHILD.  This insures you get a good amount of sleep, are well awake for classes tomorrow and have enough energy during the day for other activities to plan on doing.  Also a good way to keep track of all of your time is to have a time management notebook to write down what time you do everything.  It may be weird but it allows you to see what you spend most of your time doing and what you can cut down on.


A second tip for a good Freshman year is to MANAGE YOUR MONEY WISELY.  Unless your are rich or just won the lottery most of you will be getting some money from your parents or family member.  Have a plan set on how to spend the money so you can make it last longer.  So if you get 100 dollars every two weeks divide it up as so, 35 for necessities, 25 for food, 15 for emergencies, if you have a car 25 for gas, if you don’t have a car then 20 for emergencies, and 20 miscellaneous.  If you get less than that then find a way to split it between those 5 or 6 things.  Say you don’t have generous parents who give you money, well find a campus job or a job outside of campus. Sure it will put a little more work on you but you need money for college so I assume you wont mind.  Keep in mind if you do get a job your time management skills do come into play.  Now I know not everyone has one but I would recommend getting a bank account as it makes this a little easier. You can see where you spend your money and also have a savings account.  These best part most banks gives you an student account so it gets rid of most fee’s like the monthly fee.  If you have to carry cash or don’t want a bank account please have a wallet or purse and also invest in a safe of some form to store your excess money or valuables.  Do these tips and you can make your money last longer and still have a good time.



A third tip for a good Freshman year is making friends.  If you are an anti-social person than these tips wouldn’t really apply to you or maybe you want to break out of your anti-social shell then yea continue reading.  For me making friends was easy as I am big and funny and absolutely love people.  What I did was on move in day, I walked up to people in my building said my name, where I was from ask them the same and then see if we had anything in common.  You may not be able to do this to everyone in your building on the first day but there are more than one day in college so just continue and you will find a good amount of friends.  This can also work for people outside of your building.  Another good thing to do is use social media.  Most colleges dedicate a Facebook page or Instagram page for that years Freshmen.  Just follow the page or whatever and interact on it and people will start adding you or following you. Eventually you all can meet in person and have a good time.  One final good way to make friends is to go to events at the college.  To make friends its all about sparking interest so if you attend events or social gatherings people will notice and maybe will come up to you to talk or maybe you will go up to them to talk either or.  These tips will help you make friends in college that will hopefully last.


My fourth and final tip for a good Freshman year is how to deal with parties, sex, and drugs.  This is something most high schoolers think about when it comes to college and while its a big part of college, not knowing how to handle it can hurt you.  First I will start with parties, KNOW THE PEOPLE AT THE PARTY YOU ARE ATTENDING. You don’t want to be that awkward person in the corner just bored because you don’t know anybody there.  So either go to the party with friends or try to make friends at the party.  Second when it comes to drinking you know if you are underage or not and you should also know the consequences.  So if you decide to pick up that beer understand that if you are no the right age you can get in trouble if caught by the cops so be careful.  Third if you do decide to drink PLEASE KNOW YOUR LIMIT.  First week of school I went to a party with a friend I called “Lil Bill” he never dranked before decided to drink like crazy and ended up in the hospital and embarrassed.  So ladies and gents please know your limit.  Fourth everyone should know this by now but in case you don’t NO MEANS NO PERIOD. Next is sex and this isn’t a topic I will fully discuss.  First make sure you are both in agreement of what you are doing. Second don’t be the douche who gets some and wants to call her a hoe afterwards or don’t be the girl who gets some and says he had a small di** after.  Third WEAR A CONDOM DUMMY. As they say DON’T BE SILLY, WRAP YOUR WILLY.  Lastly this is for those who are going to try drugs in college JUST DON’T.  It is not worth your time, don’t get peer-pressured into it because it will only end up hurting you if you get caught or hurt.  If you do choose to do drugs know the side effects, what will happen and also have someone around you who can take care of you if things go wrong.  Follow these tips and hopefully you can make it through college without a DUI, Aids, or DEAD.

So I have just gave you some pretty basic tips on how to make your college Freshman year good.  Follow these  or comment below what you feel I missed out on or comment if you have a story to share on your college freshman experience.  Don’t forget to like and share with your friends….I’M OUT.