ITS ALL OVER THE CAVS HAVE WON THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP.  This is a special moment for Cleveland and their fans as there has been a 52 year drought in Cleveland and this win will end it.  The Cavaliers simply had one of the best finals I have ever seen.  From being down 3-1 against the Warriors and everyone ready to hang up Lebrons legacy to force a game 7 with Lebron and Kyrie Irving playing phenomenal to actually winning the finals the whole series was simply put AMAZING.

While this win is big for Cleveland its even bigger for Lebron James.  In 2003 James was drafted to the Cavs and deemed the King but could not actually get the crown, the crown being the NBA Championship.  He manged to get there once but the Spurs took a broom and swept them.  After years in Cleveland he left to Miami and Cavs fan hated him.  There tore statues of him down, burned his jersey, and cursed his name.  Why?, because the man who was suppose to give Cleveland everything had gone.  While in Miami Lebron won his first two championships and while it was a joyous moment it still wasn’t what he wanted.  Lebron wanted to bring Cleveland home one.  After the 2014 NBA Finals lost to the Spurs, Lebron returned home to Cleveland and fans were excited.  But the big question was, could Lebron bring home a championship.  Well in 2015 Lebron made it to the NBA Finals to face off against the Warriors.  However due to and injured Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving the series ended in 6.  The next year comes and the same question is asked can Lebron bring Cleveland home a championship?  Well James makes it back to the NBA Finals to face off against the Warriors again, but this isn’t 2015 Warriors this is Bulls record breaking, 3 point shooting record breaking Warriors.  Lebron now has all his teammates and things look to be good.  Boom from the jump they go down 3-1 and Lebrons legacy hangs on the ballot.  But there is a reason people call him King, he quickly changes his game and dominates the rest of the series and well you know the rest.

This win is something Lebron needed for his career.  He is constantly bashed for having gone to Miami to win a championship and not bringing Cleveland one.  With a 3-4 finals record, counting this one, Lebron has put himself back in the conversation among the greats.  Now you may ask “when was he not in that conversation”, well that was the problem with him being down 3-1 in the finals.  A loss could have tarnished him, not that he isn’t a great player because that cant be disproved, but that when it matters the most he cant come through.  With this win Lebron certifies that he is one of the greatest players the world has ever seen.

A couple of questions still remain such as can he win another one, will Tyronn Lue be the head coach next year and if certain aspects hadn’t happen such as Greens suspension or Curry fouling out would this have been a different series?  But those are questions for a later time.  For now we celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers and Finals MVP Lebron James on doing what was needed and bringing home Cleveland’s first championship.  While this may not be Lebrons first NBA Championship it is sure to be his sweetest